eHouse LAN – Demo House 200m Comfort Installation

The Intelligent House, Building Automation eHouse LAN can be controlled via Cloud eHouse Cloud .
This is another option besides direct access through eHouse for Java , Android (TCP / IP, UDP, SMS, eMail) and web browser.
One control method does not exclude another.

The following project is a comfort installation system (one controller per room) with full access from outside. eHouse LAN demo project was discussed in earlier posts:
The installation realizes the complete automation of the building ~ 200m2 (ground floor, floor) – in the comfort version.
The system is based on eHouse PRO server and eHouse LAN controllers for small switchboards (all inputs / outputs from single room goes to room switchboard).

“Working in the cloud” is the synchronization of system data with the Web server and MySQL database.

Advantages of Cloud:

  • Can work with any Internet connection without any restrictions
  • does not require public access Internet
  • Does not require a fixed IP address or DDNS service for the link
  • No complicated configuration of NAT Internet Router, sharing and redirection of Ports, Servers, DMZ, etc.
  • If you work on the web, it can be controlled from any device with a web browser

Disadvantages of Cloud:

  • Higher link load and data transfer
  • slower, refresh and delay than direct access (3 to tens of seconds of refresh)
  • depends on the stability of the WWW/MySQL server
  • loads the WWW/MySQL server and needs a large data transfer for each installation

To reduce disposing of the link and web server/MySQL, the refresh is set to 60 seconds when the client is not connected to the cloud. In case of connection and start up of the system command, the frequency increases (up to several dozen or so seconds) depending on the configuration.
Because it requires a web server, it is a paid service that depends on the amount of data transferred (transfer rate and refresh rate).

At: eHouse LAN + Cloud Building Automation is publicly available (without passwords) Centralized demonstration system installation. It is also an eHouse PRO test installation for BMS system integrators to test the system without eHouse hardware.

Examples of visualization of eHouse by the Web (SVG + JavaScript). Architectural (created with the help of CorelDraw with eHouse scripts) and generated automatically based on system configuration.
Because visualizations are in text files, it is easy to edit and change.

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