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eHouse Smart Home, Intelligent House

eHouse smart home – Open home automation system

Smart House eHouse is home automation system which allows remote and local control many types of devices, systems, installation occurring in residential and other types of construction such as:

  • public buildings
  • hotels
  • office
  • industrial
  • objects with the required access control and setting permissions

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Smart Home, Intelligent Building

eHouse – smart home , intelligent house , home automation , building management system

home automation eHouse system is complete solution of home automation based on managers dedicated microcontrollers optimized for best performance for control :

  • Rooms , light , individual heating , HiFi , audio , video , tv , satellite system controll – RoomManager
  • Boiler Room , Advanced central heating installation – HeatManager
  • Rollers , gates , gateways , shade awnings , doors – ExternalManager
  • Security system – InputExtender
  • Combined solution of roller , gates , gateways controller together with security system with internal GSM / SMS notification in Ethernet architecture ( CommManager )

Along with hardware controllers eHouse system software package that contains Increase its functionality and add new ways of management :

  • online Visualization , graphical and text control from devices working on Windows XP , Vista , 7 , Windows Mobile
  • online Visualization , graphical and text control from devices supporting Java (Linux, Windows, etc.)
  • Management from Mobile devices ( Mobile Java MIDP )
  • Management from Mobile devices ( ANDROID )
  • Graphical and Text Control from Web browser
  • control and log synchronization via FTP
  • intuitive and full configuration by the investor from the PC application
  • Possibility of firmware upgrade if new releases Appears
  • Creates many gateways are eHouse system for communication
  • create a system log and device status

Possibility of manage eHouse system via:

  • WiFi
  • Direct Internet connection
  • eMail
  • BlueTooth
  • SMS
  • FTP
  • direct control from file system
  • Infrared Remote Controller