eHouse Smart & Intelligent Home Automation

eHouse Building Automation System ,developed since year 2000 by iSys.Pl .

eHouse is Low Voltage Electronic House solution assuring separation from 110V/230V mains by external relays.

Several variants of eHouse system exists:

  • Intelligent Home Ethernet eHouse (LAN) – for central or Room Switch-board installation
  • eHouse One (RS-485) – for room switch-board installation (especially for hotels, offices, public objects)
  • automatyka domu eHouse.PRO (LAN) – central and hybrid (LAN,RS-485,CAN) installation Switch-board

This enables selection of most optimal variant of system for required needs.

eHouse Inteligentny Dom System is designed to achieve Low Cost home automation solution which enables:

  • DIY Design
  • DIY Configuration
  • DIY Montage and Installation
  • Self Service
  • DIY Development

DIY -“Do It Yourself”

eHouse do not utilize expensive devices, switches, drivers with built-in logics for lowest costs.

This Service contains:

  • Schematics
  • Solutions
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Ready to use designs
  • Examples of usage
  • DIY Programming examples, implementations

Inteligentny Dom do samodzielnego monta┼╝u wersja Polska.

Controllers and accessories can be bought directly from Home Automation Shop