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eHouse Smart Home Android Management software for SmartPhones, PADs, Smart TV, PC

Smart Home – Android Graphical visualization and control

Android Graphical Visualization and Control of Smart House eHouse

Programming Android Panels – use visualization eHouse

Smart Home eHouse – Implementation of a complete Visualization and graphical control of eHouse compatible with Android operating system .

Visualization and graphic control works on virtually any hardware with Android software installed:

  • Smartphones
  • PADs
  • graphic panels
  • Smart TV
  • TV-Sat tuners
  • Audio Equipment – video

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eHouse Smart Home – Android Programming

eHouse 4 Android – libraries , API to control eHouse home automation system

eHouse Smart Home can be controlled from software eHouse4Android of any devices on the Android operating system from version 2.3 .

The software can execute on any hardware with Android operating system :

  • PADs
  • Smartphones
  • Touch Graphic panels
  • Smart TV
  • TV SAT – Tuners
  • Audio-video Equipment
  • etc..

A number of advantages , functions and free character of Android system along with Android SDK development environment, documentation, examples and Java language, lets you easily create your own software on this platform.
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