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Designs examples for eHouse smart home to achieve 100% of functionality of the system

eHouse Smart Home – economic designs

Designing economic and ecological home using free energy sources

Smart Home , intelligent Building eHouse – Ecological home design and building.

Houses and buildings as opposed to flats and apartments in the block has much larger (several hundred percent/per square meter) demand for heating energy to the heating in winter and cooling in summer.
This is due to the, it is a place , isolated from other buildings and more exposed to adverse weather phenomena such as winds, frosts , plentiful sunshine in summer , rain , etc..
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eHouse Smart Home, Intelligent Building solutions

eHouse Smart House Ideas, solutions

intelligent Building eHouse can use many of the existing electrical equipment, electronic , sensors (analog), signal detectors.

To facilitate amateurs and professionals system design type eHouse smart home system ready to present ideas , which may be considered and applied when creating your own installation of building automation .
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Rollers, Gates, Gatways, Shade Awning Design Example

Design of automatic control of roller shutters, awnings , Gates, Gateways in eHouse system

building management
The use of blinds, gates in residential increases safety of house taking the time to intruders in case of burglary.
In addition it allows to reduce heating expenses, reducing heat loss in winter and at night. The use of shading awnings prohibit heating your home during sunny days in summer time, which entails a reduction of expenditure on home cooling.
In the case of extreme temperatures blinds can be useful to keep the room temperature, covering windows, which have the worst thermal coefficients of isolation in the building.
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