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Integration and control of other devices and systems

Control Lights

Lighting Control

eHouse – Smart Home allows you to Control lights , which is performed by the room controller RoomManager , EthernetRoomManager or LevelManager .
Control can be done by :

  • turning on and off a single circuit of the light from 1 to 24 for RM
  • dimming and brightening dimmers max 3 for a single controller
  • Automatic lighting controls by analyzing the current lighting and maintain the preset thresholds between min , max

lighting Control on/off relays is done by allowing the separation of low-voltage voltage drivers from outside eHouse system, in particular the 230V .

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eHouse smart home integration with onkyo audio/video equipement

eHouse smart home integration with Onkyo audio/video equipment

Intelligent Building Integration with hardware Audio / Video Onkyo via Ethernet – control Protocol Utilities

The latest Onkyo equipment (produced since 2010 ) has been equipped with an Ethernet port (LAN ) for communication over the network and the ability to control external equipment . Onkyo has its own protocol control your devices ” ICSP ” for RS232 and extended with additional headers ” eICSP ” for Ethernet . Thanks Smart Home eHouse can directly control the hardware Onkyo directly via LAN . Continue reading eHouse smart home integration with onkyo audio/video equipement

eHouse Intelligent home – control via infrared

eHouse Intelligent Building System – Integration Audio / Video with infrared

eHouse smart home provides hardware and wireless integration with plenty of Audio-Video equipment of various types.
With the implementation of intelligent infrared transmitter ( compatible with dozens IR standards / protocols of different companies) it is possible to purchase Audio/Video equipment that will be directly and wirelessly supported by RoomManager controllers in room within the infrared and visible range .
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