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eHouse WiFi smart home, home automation. All-in-one miniature controllers with 230V/5A relays and 12V/2.5A LED dimmers

eHouse LAN Home Automation system – opened protocol of communication

eHouse LAN, PRO, Wi-Fi Smart House can be integrated with any systems / devices and software through open protocol TCP/IP and UDP.
It is possible to send control commands to each eHouse LAN, Pro, WiFi controller using TCP/IP client application. To create your own software, there are 3 types of authentication to the controller:

  • XOR Password – password hashed variable code received from the server
  • plain password – a simple password
  • No checking authorization – open access

It is required to set the minimum desired level of authorization for each controller configuration. Safer methods of authentication are also active for the visualization panels and eHouse system applications for configuration.
eHouse LAN, WiFi, PRO controllers send their status as the UDP broadcasts, so that any number of panels can receive this information in a common LAN.
More information: eHouse LAN Smart HouseOpen communication protocol.

eHouse WiFi home automation – basic configuration

eHouse WiFi home automation is network architecture and software compatible with eHouse LAN controllers and is configured in similar way (from Windows applications).

  • Initialize installation with ConfigAux.exe application
  • Create WiFi/LAN network infrastructure (eg. on the attic for buildings, houses)
  • Initialize eHouse WiFi controllers one by one with eHouseWiFi.exe application

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eHouse WiFi – home automation, smart home – Introduction

eHouse WiFi devices are small all-in-one controllers which use existing WiFi network infrastructure (2.4GHz b/g/n) not requiring any other cabling except connecting power supply and controlled devices. Up to 250 controllers can be installed in single installation (network mask WiFi coverage is required for wireless working all over controlled area (up to 3 different SSIDs).
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