eHouse PRO, BMS – integration with MODBUS TCPIP protocol

eHouse BMS including eHouse PRO, eHouse HYBRID (LAN, RS-485, CAN, RF, WiFi) can be controlled from external systems. Control from Automation, BMS systems and software is available through the integrated Modbus TCPIP multi-theaded server supported by eHouse.PRO server software.
In addition, eHouse.PRO Server contains a Modbus TCPIP client which can control external systems supporting MODBUS TCPIP protocol.
It is also possible to control Modbus RTU (RS-485) devices if you install MODBUS TCP/RS-485 gateway.

Controlling the eHouse system from outside systems via the Modbus TCPIP protocol enables:

  • Supports any communication variants of eHouse controlers connected to eHouse.PRO (LAN, WiFi, RS-485, CAN, RF, PRO)
  • Read and change the status of binary outputs (on / off)
  • Read the status of binary inputs (on / off)
  • Reading / writing of output registers (ADCH, ADCL, DIMM dimmers, Programs), etc.
  • Save registers – eHouse Direct Event event queue (for execution advanced events)
  • Reading Read Only – measurement results, driver status, etc.

The Modbus TCPIP server configuration is located in /usr/local/ehouse/modbus.cfg .
You can set basic parameters for the Modbus TCPIP server and TCPIP link/socket.

  • Activation of modbus server
  • Input port
  • TCP / IP sockets parameters
  • debug mode
  • timeouts, auto-disconnect

For a description of the registers for MODBUS control, see the MODBUS – eHouse Building Automation control