eHouse smart home Integration with Open Remote

eHouse for OpenRemote source code open source to the integration of intelligent building control panels. Export Data to

Smart Home | Building Management can be integrated into the OpenRemote.Org with the help of this software written in Java .

It can work on any hardware with implemented Java virtual machine.

Export data from eHouse system to OpenRemote

After configuring the software in a text file “JavaORServer.cfg” must set the global variables of the software constituting the main parameters of the application.
Setting the variable “ehousecommunication.ExportOpenRemoteDesignerObjects = true” allows you to export the settings eHouse system to
Because OpenRemote.Org in the current version does not have a data import interface for integration with external systems, it is necessary to directly write to the OpenRemote.Org database named “Beehive” .

User parameters to local databases are encoded in the variables:
– ehousecommunication.BeehiveUserName – user databases Beehive
– ehousecommunication.BeehiveUserPassword – user password
– ehousecommunication.dbhost – mysql server address
– ehousecommunication.MysqlPort – mysql server port

Additional options associated with the export of :
– ehousecommunication.IgnoreAtChar – ignore all signals containing character ‘ ‘ @ ‘ ‘ for export
– ehousecommunication.DisabledOpenRemoteExportTCP – Export block for Ethernet controllers
– ehousecommunication.DisabledOpenRemoteExportEhouse1 – blocking exports for drivers eHouse 1

EHouse4OpenRemote remote application after running the above settings, load a set of system configuration eHouse database OpenRemote , comprising:

  • Read and change digital outputs state
  • Read Digital input state
  • Read Analog/digital converters Inputs (measurement)
  • Reads Alarm inputs status with the division on the level of security ( activity , alarm , warning , monitoring)
  • Programs with the ability to change the program
  • rollers and drives and security programs with the ability to change the program
  • Display and change Output Programs
  • Display and change Security zone

There is lot of Data, so it should be limited – unused signals by changing their names by adding the sign ‘@’ in front of it and blocking exports by setting the variable ehousecommunication.IgnoreAtChar = true.
The data are divided into separate units, together with suitable suffix ” – Outputs ” , ” – Programs ” , ” – ADCPrograms ” etc. .
When you export data from the average Comfort installation there is thousands of items. It is necessary to manually delete entries, which we do not want to monitor. Otherwise OpenRemote will ask for each device individually which is very inefficient and non-optimal comparing to standard ehouse applications for various platforms.

This is much worse method of status updates for controllers in relation to native eHouse system applications for different platforms, which processes all the data from combined binary status of the controller on panel side not on the server. In eHouse Applications statuses are received in packages , one for each controller premises at about 15 seconds each , containing a few hundred bytes .

Therefore, for the platforms supported by the system eHouse better to always use our applications, which, moreover, does not require an additional PC or microcomputer with eHouse4OpenRemote software and server.

EHouse software connects directly to controller via Ethernet (LAN) network . In the case of eHouse 1 system controllers under the supervision of CommManager it communicate indirectly through CommManager.
OpenRemote Open Source
After the export to database: “Beehive”, designer can create a configuration panel with individually designed panel, using ready signals, commands, labels , switches , sensors according to the needs of each panel independently .