Integration eHouse intelligent home with OpenRemote

Integration of eHouse Intelligent Home environment

OpenRemote environment allows the creation of stand-alone control panels to control various systems in type Smart Home :

  • Building automation in various standards
  • Intelligent homes in various standards
  • Audio / Video , HiFi systems various manufacturers
  • Possibility of integration with Java software

Opensource environment is completely written in Java, that allows adding support for additional systems, protocols and control codes of external devices.
The great advantages of the OpenRemote are:

  • Free software – freeware
  • Free source code – opensource
  • Ability to integrate and communicate any system with OpenRemote by Java application
  • continuous development of the system with new communication protocols with different systems
  • Huge database of infrared signals to control devices RTV

OpenRemote server “Remote Controller” runs under ” Tomcat ” server application.
Panel client works under many platforms: www, android, iphone, windows, windows mobile, etc.
Java application integrates OpenRemote Server with eHouse controllers.
It sends and receives data between server and controllers: status , events, etc. .

Panels cooperating with OpenRemote have client software installed to communicate to a server.

Currently available software systems panels :

  • Android
  • iPhone / iPad
  • Web Browsers

Thus, it is possible to create any panels above the platform ( SmartPhones , Pads , TouchPhones , PCs , WWW, etc. ) .

System integration eHouse of OpenRemote is necessary to use the java application ( eHouse4OpenRemote ) being succesful servers responding to inquiries OpenRemote , and transmitting control commands .

Software eHouse4OpenRemote is an overlay dedicated to OpenRemote and having the following features :

  • It acts as “proxy Server” or “gateway” between “OpenRemote” and drivers eHouse
  • Driver status updates sent via UDP Broadcast – continuous listening
  • Charges configurations , the name of the driver to the internal cache application
  • charge -to-date status of drivers , output states , input , dimmers , measuring inputs to the internal cache application
  • Server comprises a TCP / IP , which can receive events from your OpenRemote or other
  • Includes TCP / IP client , which allows you to send commands to the controllers eHouse and to authenticate
  • Includes multi-threaded server TCP / IP , that listens for queries about the status of drivers and application cache events to be sent to drivers
  • Allows the full import of the ” OpenRemote Designer ” all signals input drivers , output , measuring inputs , dimmers , programs , security zones to read the status or condition of the signal much easier to implement and limiting her time
  • Allows the full import of the ” OpenRemote Designer ” eHouse system events associated with drivers – as a system command OpenRemote much easier and accelerating implementation and systems integration

The application requires configuration in a single configuration file “JavaORServer.cfg” is located in the directory where the file was linked “eHouse4OpenRemote.jar” application eHouse4OpenRemote. All names and driver configuration is read from the specified path to the installation directory on Windows PC “c:\e-house\”.

the contents of the configuration file is as follows ( in brackets is a description which must be removed) : (CommManager Address or application server on eHouse PC )
9876 ( TCP/IP , or server application CommManager eHouse PC – to send commands)
6789 ( UDP listen port broadcast – reception status of controllers )
passwd (password to CommManager for authorization with the slogan plain or coded )
00000000000000000000000000000000000000 (No change )
c:\e-house\ ( Path to eHouse application server )
4321 ( TCP/IP Port Server TCP/IP to communicate with OpenRemote or other services ) ( local address of the machine on which it is installed eHouse4OpenRemote )
localhost ( the local hostname to communicate with Beehive database of OpenRemote )
3306 ( Port Access to MySQL )
Cp1250 ( windows code page to read configuration files )
beehive (user name to the database beehive OpenRemote)
beehivepass (user password to access the database beehive OpenRemote)

To initiate configuration of drivers eHouse 1 for a eHouse4OpenRemote software must run the “eHouse.exe /mobile” after each change of name in the system and adding / removing driver .

Configuring the Ethernet controller automatically creates a record whenever the driver settings .