OpenRemote installation for eHouse Smart Home

Installation of Designer , Controller , Beehive for eHouse smart home in one step

Smart Home eHouse building management
The installation is configured to the needs of the environment OpenRemote control and visualization of eHouse building automation system.
Due to the very time-consuming installation environment, which along with downloading from the Internet , OpenRemote , components , libraries , configuration may take up to a few days.
To assist you, we configured version for eHouse system ready to compile and install.
Tests were performed on a Windows 7 Home Premium 64b .
To integrate environment OpenRemote.Org with eHouse system you must sequentially perform the following steps:

  • Download and install the version of Java 1 . 6 . 0_35 ( tested version 64b ) : c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_35 (other versions may cause errors when compiling the particular versions of (1.7.x )
  • Download and install the latest version of MySQL
  • Create a database and user Beehive ” beehive ” password ” beehivepass ” ( The first time you run the correct password can be changed )
  • Download the compressed archive environment OpenRemote.Org from address OpenRemote . Org for smart home eHouse and extract
  • All directories in the archive copy on disk d: \\\\ to the root
  • close all open applications
  • run file ” d:\openremote\ant-init-win7-64b.bat ” , that compiles all sources and starts Tomcat and environment.
    Compilation may take from 3 to 30 minutes depending on the PC computer.
  • Observe that there are no errors when compiling: in the important moments compilation is stopped so that you can check for errors for each OpenRemote.Org module ( BeeHive , Controller , Designer ). When you stop and check that everything is ok, press , eg. space
  • When properly configured databases and their users with properly set rights , errors should not occur
  • run from your browser “localhost:8080/designer”
  • select the field “create Account” and create a user
  • If Mail service is not configured correctly then you should enter the service application databases MySQL. Select the database and table “beehive -> user”. Edit the fields valid for the required user by typing “1” . Log in to the Designer .
  • Then create objects in the Designer or export the application as described in the post eHouse4OpenRemote Export data from the system eHouse to
  • After you create the data in Designer , check whether new items .
  • After verifying the import of eHouse to OpenRemote.Org you should block running recreation of database by setting ehousecommunication.ExportOpenRemoteDesignerObjects = false
  • You should go to the editor of the panels and put any objects.
  • Then save the settings panel , and settings Designer
  • Start the browser “localhost:8080/controller” and log on to the same user data
  • You should synchronize the data in the login window.
  • At this point, OpenRemote.Org environment is installed, configured and running
  • The next time you run them “d:\or\output\OpenRemote-Controller-2.0.0\bin\start.bat”
  • to assure the proper operation of the system eHouse and OpenRemote.Org should install eHouse4OpenRemote.jar which is gateway between OpenRemote and eHouse controllers.
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